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“I Want YOU to Live A Boundless Life!”

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Take a look at some of the inspirational products available to keep you motivated and moving!
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There are no bounds to your potential. It’s never too late to learn something new and there is always room to improve what you already know! Lola offers a variety of courses to help you take another step towards your boundless lifestyle!
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If you’ve been looking for someone with expertise and experience to speak to your audience about building profitable businesses, creating a courageous life and/or a pushing past obstacles, then contact Lola for your next event today!
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About Lola Thompson

Lola Thompson is a woman on a steady mission. Helping people find the power inside of themselves is something she is passionate about. She will tell you in fact that it is her Purpose in life. She is a Successful Writer, Published author, Motivational Speaker, National Real Estate Investment Trainer, Business and Personal Development Coach, Proud Mother and Go-Giver.

Her 20 plus years in business, counseling, training, and helping others follow their dreams is something she NEVER tires of doing. “It is my goal to give, give and give some more until every last thing I have learned has been shared with someone else. I never knew joy like the joy that I now experience as a result of finding my PASSION POWER! It is that Passion Power which moves motivates and inspires me to help others do the same.”

Lola has expertise in several areas including Real Estate Investing, Career Counseling, Network Marketing, and personal development. She has counseled thousands in the areas of Real Estate Investing, Real Estate Investment Strategies, Network Marketing and Small Business Marketing Strategies.
Ms. Thompson prides herself on getting to the core of what people really want and need in their lives. She takes great pleasure and satisfaction from helping them realize their goals and dreams through thoughtful and proven processes that inspire each individual to bring forth the best part of themselves. Consulting and coaching brings forth an experience for Lola that she says words cannot explain. It is her absolute pleasure to hold your hand all the way as you embark on your BEST LIFE EXPERIENCE!
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