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The Boundless Blog

Just Let the F&%$ Go!!

Yeah I know, that sounds like a really harsh headline doesn't it? Well it's also the title of my upcoming book. I made that the title on purpose because I knew it would make you think. Even if it made you think, "Wow... Boundless Lola has a potty mouth" I still knew it would make you do a double take and I'm glad that you did. You see, the F word is really something else. It creates angry responses sometimes. 

It's insulting to your spirit and can even feel like a slap in the face when it shows up unexpected. We avoid using it in public as much as we possibly can and are ashamed when we get caught with it. It is the dirtiest four letter word that exist and has ever existed on the planet!

And that's why you have to Let the FEAR Go!! Yup, the four letter word I am referring to is the word FEAR. In my opinion it is worse than that other four letter word you were thinking of.(shame on you ;) As a matter of fact, the power of the word FEAR puts that other F word to shame. Fear kills, steals, injures, and most of all it lies. It is responsible for practically every dream that you have ever let slip away because it fools you into believing that you can't, they won't and that we all have to bow down to it. Well that's just not true. Fear is indeed False Evidence Appearing Real, and happens as a result of us Forgetting Every Apparent Reason that we should have faith in all things working towards our greater good. 

In order for us to have more full lives, we can either have fear or faith, but they can't occupy the same space. So again to day, I want to encourage you to Just Let the Fear Go! Because when you do... everything you every wanted is waiting on the other side!

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