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The Boundless Blog

You are Unique! No, Really... YOU ARE!!

I have spent most of my adult life knowing that I had special gifts, but not realizing that they were unique. I mean...Yes, I have been writing since age 8 and performing and speaking in front of large audiences since even earlier. But… hasn’t everyone? I was born with the ability and desire to make Everyone I meet (even strangers at the grocery store) feel special and noticed in the world. But… isn’t that what we all do?

Well, of course the answer is a resounding NO! And especiall...

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Speaker, Motivator and Coach Lola Thompson Launches New Boundless Lola Brand

Lola Thompson is a speaker, motivational coach and expert on real estate investing.  Now she is launching her new brand, "Boundless Lola," to carry on her mission to "Create abundance and pay it forward!"


Lola Thompson recently received a Doctorate Degree Honoris Causa from Global Opus DEI Seminary & University.  This Doctor of Philosophy degree was awarded on October 26, 2014, in a special ceremony and reflects Lola's expertise in her field.  Now, Lola is la...

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Just Let the F&%$ Go!!

Yeah I know, that sounds like a really harsh headline doesn't it? Well it's also the title of my upcoming book. I made that the title on purpose because I knew it would make you think. Even if it made you think, "Wow... Boundless Lola has a potty mouth" I still knew it would make you do a double take and I'm glad that you did. You see, the F word is really something else. It creates angry responses sometimes. 

It's insulting to your spirit and can even feel like a slap in the face ...

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