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Hello Family!

I've been having a lot of conversations lately about what being an entrepreneur means.  I'm talking about what it REALLY means. Lots of folks believe that it's just about getting a business license, hanging a shingle and proudly announcing to everyone, "I Work For Myself!" Yeah, that's part of it, but as I teach in my new Mentoring Program "Entrepreneurize ME!" that's just a very, very, small part of it. I have been an entrepreneurially minded person most of my life. From a very early age my parents always had a side hustle and I was always right in the middle of it. It didn't matter whether it was being with my Dad as he picked up Italian tailored suits to sell to his friends or if he was telling me to hold the wrench while he worked on a car he was fixing to flip. Or if I was signing off on pick up sheets or doing inventory for product pick up night for my parents Amway business ... business was constantly happening around me and inside of me too! For the past 25 years, I have held 2 different professional licenses, owned and run at least 8 different business and taught thousands how to do the same. So, I have known what it feels like, smells like and requires in order to live the life of an entrepreneur since I was like 5 years old. It’s a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

I have discovered through the years that there is certainly one thing in particular that will make or break you as you journey down this path. It absolutely takes a certain mindset to live this lifestyle. It's a lifestyle that can never be based on what the onlookers think. Whether they be near or far and whether they approve or not, what they think… really can’t matter. In many instances it can't even be based on what makes sense or not because lots of times your movement and opposition to throwing in the towel is completely guided by your gut and what feels right. You'll meet new friends and lose old ones. You will think that you quite possibly must be crazy for CHOOSING this path but continue to dive headfirst into insanity anyway because you know it's what you are called to do. You know it's who you are. Realizing that even when you are sleep... you’re  mind is still working, plotting and praying on your success. 

Being an entrepreneur requires you to keep your head right at all times. It demands that you stay POSITIVELY focused on your dreams and your goals at all times.  It insists that you must feed your mind with only the good stuff, surround your being by only the forward thinking, and entertain yourself with ONLY the empowering and inspiring. It is the greatest balancing act of will, desire, purpose and commitment that you will encounter. This life style will make you find out quick, fast, and in a hurry just what kind of stuff you are made out of.

It – is- NOT – easy!( In my best Captain Kirk voice) But even with saying all of that... I wouldn’t have it any other way.  As I was returning from my walk this morning I asked myself if I could go back and start all over again and be a government worker, or become a faculty member and a university... would I? And very quickly the answer rang in my head without a shadow of a doubt ABSOLUTELY NOT! I feel this way mainly because the entrepreneurial maze has transformed me into who I am. And guess what… I LIKE ME! It's what has enabled me to change lives through my real estate mentoring, MLM training, Entrepreneurial Coaching, and youth mentoring over the years. It's what gives me a spirit that never gives up and is sold out for recognizing the gifts inside if the chaos. Like I said it's just who I am. And if you are like me if you live and breathe this life affirming thing called being an Entrepreneur... I know that you are right there with me. Go ahead... Holla if you hear me! :-)

Lola Thompson aka Boundless Lola



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