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The Boundless Blog

Entrepreneurship... The Ultimate Equalizer!!

Entrepreneurship... The Ultimate Equalizer!!

So... you wanna really find out what you are made of? You wanna discover what your limit is and how important the things you say you want for you and your family really are? Well... Become an Entrepreneur! 

Now, I'm not trying to scare anyone, not at all. However, I am set in the intention to pull back the curtain in a way and give you a real deal look at what it takes to earn your freedom, (that's right, I said earn) the right to get up when you finish sleeping, travel at your discretion, and decide how much money you will make. It's not a cheap. It requires you to do the "have to's" 10 times more than you get to experience the "want to's". It means that the hustle is real and it cares not about the fact that Empire is about to come back on or that Olivia Pope is caught in yet another love triangle. Because Cookie and Luscious wouldn't even exisit for you, me, Taraji or Terrance if they decided to watch you instead of get their hustle on and grind for well over 10 years. (because don't get it twisted... they maybe on Fox, but being a paid working actor is absolutely an exercise in BOLD entrepreneurship).

Now does this mean that you can 't have fun? Nope, it just means that you have to always keep the main thing the main thing. It means you may have to stay up later and get up early anyway. It means you may have to smile and be patient and keep living in purpose when you really wanna say, "ok whatever" and go have a glass of Moscato and a cigar and kick back. Bottom line, if you are a service driven, responsible entrepreneurial superstar... you keep it moving till your clients have the success that you promised them.  I tell my Boundless Education students/clients all the time, "If you run... I'll run with you, If you walk, I'll be by your side, but if you sit down and give up... you can rest but lets go, because I don't quit, if you just don't give up, we will get you there...NO MATTER WHAT 

I say that living the life of an entrepreneur is the ultimate equalizer because there is no place to hide.  At your job you can blame your boss or your co-worker (you know those people right?), but not when you work for yourself the finger only gets to point at the reflection in the mirror. You have to take a step back, review your actions, movements, and mindset, to see how you can do it better next time.  In fact it teaches you that blame is a complete waste of time and that quickly and gratefully learning from what happened is a far more valuable way to view setbacks.  And the most powerful thing about it all is that when you own your actions, when you embrace your failures along with your successes... it empowers you! It strengthens you and shows you that being responsible for all aspects of your business and life means that you are unlimited in what you can achieve. You are Boundless!

Being Entrepreneurized is like being knighted... Though it's not visible and obvious on the outside... it changes things. You are different, your are special.. and your title is indeed a privilege.

If you are at the beginning, in the middle or contemplating the end of your entrepreneurial journey... Inbox me for details on how working with me will take you to the next level when I show you how to finally take your Passions to Profits!

Every day that you refuse to give up… is an act in Boundless Courage!!


Boundless Lola aka Lola Thompson


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