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The Boundless Blog

Flava In Ya Ear...

Flava In Ya Ear...

Yesss! Do you all remember that smokin hot Craig Mack song from the 90's... "Flava in Ya Ear"? That joint was HOT! "Here comes the brand new flava in ya ear, time for new flava in ya ear, I'm kickin new flava in ya ear..." (and yes, I am belting this out loudly as I am typing). If that song came on right now I would jump up and start dancing right in the middle of this blog

What's my point? Well... when was the last time you had new "Flava in your ear?" When was the last time to updated, your daily food diet, your playlist, friends, business associates, personal development, the shows you watch, the events you attend and even the groups you belong to? Remember, you are a walking, talking billboard for all that you surround and immerse yourself in. You've all heard it before. Even your income is an average of the incomes of those you associate with the most. Now, I'm not saying that you have to dump those ride or die broke and broken friends that you have in your life. I'm only saying that it's necessary to broaden your horizons a little by adding others to the mix to increase your ability to grow beyond where you have already been and currently are. TIME FOR NEW FLAVA IN YA EAR!

The best way to upgrade yourself is by asking those who are successful questions like, what places they frequent, what they listen to, who they associate with, and what they are reading. And don't worry about appearing to be nosey. Folks love to give advice and talk about themselves. So just say something like, "Wow, I've always admired you and wondered if you would mind sharing your favorite motivational books or audios" or "Hey, the next time you go to do a speaking engagement, can attend, I love learning from powerful people." If you aren't quite ready to be so aggressive with it, then you can Google stuff like, "where do successful people dine?" or "What vacations spots to the rich visit?" Promise me... Google is one of my best friends and she loves to run her mouth so if you ask her, she will tell you!! Heck, I think you can become an armchair expert in just about anything imaginable if you plug the right questions into Ms. Google... She is all of that!

Ok, are you ready to update your life? Do you realize that doing so will open up a brand new set of possibilities for you that are only accessible if you make some minor adjustments? Whenever I am working with my clients through my “Entrepreneurize Me” program, one of the action items is to do something, go somewhere, eat something or experience something that is totally new and different at least once a week. The reason for this is that when you do that it’s like administering muscle confusion in your exercise regimen. It’s builds new muscles, it awakens new thoughts and ideas because of exposure to something different.

Family, if you want something different you have to do something different. When you do something different and new and you allow it to absorb into the greatness that you already are... You become someone different. And oh my... when that happens the world will open up and your desires will come running to sit at your feet. I mean really it's quite possible that everything you ever wanted was just sitting there waiting for you to become the person necessary to receive it. Right?

Are you ready???

Here comes the brand new flava in ya ear

Time for new flava in ya ear

I'm kickin new flava in your ear

Find the brand new flava in ya ear!

By Lola Thompson aka Boundless Lola

Every day that you refuse to give up… is an act of Boundless Courage!!

Inbox me for more information on how to improve your entrepreneurial reach and endurance through training with me in “Entrepreneurize Me!” my new powerful and results driven mentoring program!


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