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Your Self Value Determines ... EVERYTHING!

Your Self Value Determines ... EVERYTHING!

Hello Boundless Family!

Happy New Year to you again! Praying that your 2015 is producing all that you affirmed for. And as we enter the second quarter of 2015, I wish for you that the trials, heartaches and challenges of 2014 served to provide valuable and long lasting lessons to clarify your direction for this year. 

For me, well that is certainly the case. I have begun this year with a few themes that have defined my voice for 2015 and beyond. 

The most important of which being WORTHINESS. When I speak of your worth, I don't mean money, I don't mean status, I don't mean education or anything external to you. I mean how and what you think about yourself.  I'm speaking about the value that YOU and only YOU believe you hold in the world to include your career, family life, and even your love life. 

You see, the saying is true. You can't get more of what your not. This past year proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt, that every single thing I was experiencing in the world was a reflection of what I believed to be true about ME! Both the good and the not so good were and will always be reflections of my own thoughts and beliefs about who I am in relation to the things I encounter.

Bottom line, if we want to improve our current situations and lives as a whole, we absolutely MUST improve our view and value of ourselves. 

What do you think about you? No really, not what you think you should say, or what is expected of you to say. But what do you really and truly believe about who and what you are as it relates to different parts of your life? These are some of the questions I have my Passions to Profits Students ask themselves as we dive into learning to profit thru purpose.  Check all of my Power Packed Quik and Main courses out under the EDUCATION tab above! 

When you adjust the lens of how you view yourself, things begin to change. When you put more value on what you bring to the table in your business, people will begin to value what you bring more. When you put more value on what you bring to the table in your love relationships, you will draw partners who value your love more. 

Now I'm not suggesting that you are responsible for who other people are being. However what I am saying is that you are resposible for them being their and being allowed to stay present in your life. Your worth or lack there of called them right to your door step. The best way to chase them away is to change the way you view YOU! You teach people how to treat you in business, love and in life in general. Until you train yourself first to expect and demand the absolute best in life... no one else is going to bring it to you or for you.

Know your Worth. Affirm your Value. Accept only the best from yourself... and the rest of us will follow your lead!

Many Blessings,

Boundless Lola

Live a Boundless Life... NOW!!!


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