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The Boundless Blog

Flava In Ya Ear...

Yesss! Do you all remember that smokin hot Craig Mack song from the 90's... "Flava in Ya Ear"? That joint was HOT! "Here comes the brand new flava in ya ear, time for new flava in ya ear, I'm kickin new flava in ya ear..." (and yes, I am belting this out loudly as I am typing). If that song came on right now I would jump up and start dancing right in the middle of this blog

What's my point? Well... when was the last time you had new "Flava in your ear?" When was the last time to...

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Entrepreneurship... The Ultimate Equalizer!!

So... you wanna really find out what you are made of? You wanna discover what your limit is and how important the things you say you want for you and your family really are? Well... Become an Entrepreneur! 

Now, I'm not trying to scare anyone, not at all. However, I am set in the intention to pull back the curtain in a way and give you a real deal look at what it takes to earn your freedom, (that's right, I said earn) the right to get up when you finish sleeping, travel at your...

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