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Boundless Books

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Lola's Life Lines...Finding Our Way with Daily Inspiration is a powerful collection of lessons,poetry and stories, that give a fresh and funny perspective on lifes daily encounters. These "Life Lines" have been a bright light of encouragement for women all over the United States and Canada for years now. It was through the request of Life Line followers that the author Lola Thompson Barber decided to compile them and make them available and a handy reference for all. They will make you laugh, cry, and reflect on life with a positive and hopeful perspective. They deal with issues like motherhood, being successful in business, relationships, finance, and self-esteem. Lola's Life Lines will prove to you that you are not alone in your journey. Ms. Thompson-Barber is candid, honest, and humorous in her delivery of inspiration. This book makes a great gift for those very special people in your life. And be sure to get one for youself too!!


What a Marvelous Book!

“Awesome book from a phenomenal woman who has shared her soul and spirit to inspire others. I enjoyed each encouraging word that rekindled long past dreams and goals of mine tangled in the game of life. Thanks Lola for the motivation and reminding me of the GOD given gifts I have always possessed.”

- Medjestic1
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