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Boundless Investments

Six Week Fast Track Power Webinar

This Dynamic Six Week Course takes you step by step through a program that will transform you into a successful and profitable Real Estate Investor. You will learn the A,B,C's of wholesaling, the basics of rehabbing and the power of Turnkey Real Estate Investing!

Program Includes:

  • How to find deals
  • How to find Motivated Sellers
  • How to determine IF its a deal and when to buy
  • How to determine repair costs
  • How to determine Exit Strategy
  • How to Build Powerful relationships and Rapport necessary to close the deal
  • How to create TONS of REAL. Buyers on your Investors List (rehabbers, landlords and developers)
  • How to Select and build a team to create successfully rehabbed properties
  • How to Raise $100k in 90days to Invest in Real Estate
  • How to CLOSE the deal and make thousands of DOLLARS from Home!!!
  • Building Residual Income and Wealth Through Turnkey Investing

Gold Wholesaling Program

Program Includes:
  • 6 Months of Training Webinars/ Conference Calls
  • Intensive Negotiations Skills (The R.U.N. Principle)
  • Proven Marketing Campaign
  • Exclusive 29 Ways Hot Sheet
  • Weekly Mentor/Mentee Training Teleconferences
  • Access to ALL Necessary Contract and a Forms
  • Access to Investor Database
  • Boundless Investments 6 DVD Training Pack
  • Contract Writing Assistance and Training
  • 4One on One Sessions with Senior Mentor per month
  • Trilateral Call CD
  • Wholesaling Mini Manual
  • Do IT For You Turnkey Real Estate System
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